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Our community is comprised of faithful long-time church goers, as well as more recent attendees, who seek to further discover their faith and deepen their understanding.

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Bible Study

We invite you to join us after Divine Liturgy on Thursdays for Bible Study.  This is an interactive session with reading and discussion of biblical texts.  Previously we studied the letters of St Peter and now have moved on to the Gospel of St John. We use a commentary based on the writings of the Holy Fathers and also have wide ranging discussions which are often extremely fruitful and profitable for all! Please see the church calendar for dates & times. Refreshments are provided.

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Jesus Prayer and Study Group

The Jesus Prayer is like a “golden thread” linking us to God.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

“The name of Jesus Christ is sweet. It dwells within me and burns with Divine fire. It is a treasure given to me in my Baptism. It causes demons to flee and calms the wind and waves. It heals the sick and brings hope to all. It opens the gates of paradise.” (Fr Stephen Freeman

This prayer is very short and very powerful, especially when prayed during times of need. It can be said when one is alone (at home or when one is walking or traveling) or together with other believers.  We gather as a community every Tuesday for one hour from 6 to 7pm (see calendar – link). We use the form “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us”. Some people come just to listen, others like to take part. We welcome you to join us.  The prayer is said in various languages depending on who is in attendance and the saints, the living and departed are also commemorated.

If you are not able to attend in person, you may submit your names electronically by clicking here.  Please submit your names the day before the scheduled service.  Please see the current calendar (click) to confirm dates / times.

All are welcome to join us for this very special service..


Parish School

From September through to June we have our Parish School. The curriculum comprises three subjects: Orthodox Christianity (Закон Божий), Russian Language (Русский Язык) and Creativity (рисование) and is for ages 5 to 15. Classes are taught in Russian and English. Fr Philip teaches Orthodox Christianity and the other subjects are taught by experience and qualified teachers. Please contact Fr Philip if you are interested.


Unable to Attend? Watch Live!

In you are not able to attend Divine Services in person, we invite you to participate via a private YouTube connection.  Please contact us at Church’s email address to set up this link.  The services are also archived so if can watch them when you are able to. Please view the Service Calendar (link) for the dates and times.

Weekly Commemorations at Holy Liturgies on Sundays & Feastdays (click)

Before and during each Holy Liturgy until the Cherubic Hymn, names of both living and dead Orthodox Christians are commemorated by the clergy.  This is done for Proskomedia – the preparation of bread and wine for the Eucharist.  You may submit your names on lists (red printing for the Living and black for Salvation) or in a prepared booklet to the candle stand or send an email request.  Another option is to submit your names on an annual basis and make arrangements with Fr. Philip.

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Opportunities for Children & Teenagers

Our church welcomes our children and teenagers to participate in our church’s life. Opportunities include singing in the choir, serving as an altar server, assisting with the parish meals, and other responsibilities. Please send an email to church’s email address with your contact information and your volunteer preferences.

We have a Christmas Concert with a special visit by St. Nicholas (or Santa Claus in Dutch!). Look out for date nearer Christmas.

Also, we have a diocesan youth camp called St Eugene’s Summer Camp. It is very popular and now located in the cooler hills close to the entrance of Yosemite National Park. The next one takes place July 5-11th, 2020 at Timber Mountain Summer Camp, nestled within Sugar Pine Christian Camps in Oakhurst, California. There are sibling discounts as well as a limited number of need-based scholarships. Father Philip teaches Christian Education at the Camp. Highly recommended - check out the website: